Browse Table Controls


The Browse Table Controls allow the user to change the order of the appearance for each column and whether or not the column appears in the browse table.


A.To invoke the additional Browse Table Controls right-click on the column heading, and
B.Select the List Formats option, and
C.Select the Format Setup ... option.


Browse Table Controls

The Format Setup ... options opens the Browse Table Control Window, which is shown below:


A.The Browse Table can store multiple display configurations. By default the Browse Table sort tabs are named as 'SortOrder' +#, one for each.
B.The List Formats may be added (Insert button), changed and deleted.
C.To edit and existing List Format click on a List Format name to highlight the 'SortOrder'; select the Change button.
D.The Forward and Back buttons control the left-to-right display order of the columns.
E.A Column that is not checked will not appear in the Browse Table.




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