Credit Hold

Placing Customers on Credit Hold!


First the Customer Record must be set to Credit Hold! Open the Customer Record and select the [General Information] TAB.



From the [Terms] DROP DOWN list, select the CREDIT HOLD! Option. When Service Orders are entered into the System they are automatically created with the current Customer [Terms].


SWORD allows the CREDIT HOLD! Service Order to be entered, however, the default setting is to not allow Service Order to be printed.


The CREDIT HOLD! Status and [Credit Limit] on the Service Orders can be changed from the Administrator's Audit/Billing module.


Printing the Service Orders Report for Customers on Credit Hold!


A Service Orders Report showing CREDIT HOLD! Status orders can be printed by selecting the report from the Report Manager Module. From the [MAIN] menu select the [Print] option and mouse-down to the [Report Manager].


The Report Manager window will open. Select the [Accounting & Billing Reports] option and the [Orders with CREDIT HOLD…] report. clip0011

Only the SWORD default Service Orders with the [Terms] of CREDIT HOLD!, plus a [View Value] of less than 60 shall be printed.



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