Follow-up Work Orders to Complete Previous Service Orders



For every follow-up work order, reference the original work order number in the PO field and in the body of the Service Requested field. Use the following standard abbreviations:


Follow-up Action



Definition / Reason Used

Follow Up From

FF A12345

When we need to return to do additional work or finish the original work either due to lack of resources or not being able to finish the job properly the first time.

Continued From

CF A67891

When we need to return to a site to complete work that has already been pre-approved and is either per agreement or is approved by management to be continued.

Follow Up To

FT A18372

This is written in the Service Completed field to indicate the next work order number. It must be on the order if the order isn’t complete so we can monitor our service levels


For Per Agreement follow-up work orders, reference the follow-up action first and then the agreement information second.


Example: “CF A45663 Per agreement #10009_ _ _. Continue cabling 1V/1D locations in warehouse.”


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