Installing SWORD on a LAN

User Note: For installations that require more than three users we recommend running SWORD on a Windows Server through Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Connection.

See Recommended Configuration for Multiple-Users


If you wish to have more than one simultaneous user of SWORD you will need a license/copy for each user and a shared drive/folder in Local Area Network. Although not recommended by ABCI Software, the following configuration may be suitable for up to three users, that are running the same Windows operating system. Mixed computers on a LAN using XP and Vista or Windows 7/8 could be problematic for the SWORD data files.

Simple Installation

In this scenario the SWORD executable binary libraries and the data files coexist in the same share drive/folder in a central computer or server. None of the files are installed on the local computers.

1)First decide which computer will serve as your main computer or file server where SWORD’s databases will be kept. We refer to this main computer as your Server. We refer each additional computer as the Client.
2)Install SWORD on your main computer or file server. First-time or New users must install the SAMPLE DATA. Make a note of the literal file path and directory name (e.g. c:\SWORD\) on your Server where you install SWORD.
3)Apply your new multi-license activation code as described above.
4)On each Client computer that you wish to run SWORD, map a drive letter to the literal path name on your main computer or file server for SWORD. For example, you can create a folder named c:\SWORD on your main computer. This must be the same directory name and file path where SWORD has been installed on your Server. Then, using your Windows File Explorer on your Client computer you can map this folder as drive T:\SWORD\ on your Client computer.
5)On each Client computer that you wish to install the software, run the installation program from the Client computer and select the mapped drive or directory name of your Server where SWORD was installed. Alternately, you can create or send a short cut from the SWORD.exe to the client desktop.
6)Add a HTML and/or PDF version of the User Guide to each Client Computer if desirable.


Client to a Network Shared Drive or Server


In this scenario the SWORD executable binary libraries are installed on each client computer and the SWORD are installed on a Server shared folder.

1)Install the entire SWORD system on to the Server, the default installation will save the executable files under the Windows Program folder and the data files into a public share folder.
2)Repeat this process on each client computer.
3)In this step you must execute the FIRSTRUN option on each client computer.


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