Labor Log Maintenance

The Labor Log contains a record of which service personnel were assigned to each Service Order.


The Labor Log is a.k.a. the Assignment Log. The Labor Log contains "Assignments" and "Time-clock Entries."


The Labor Log Maintenance Table (effective with 4.6) may be found under the File > Program Administration option.



The Labor Log Maintenance Table provides access to the Labor Log records, which are sorted by the SO #, the personnel assigned and the work day. In addition, the Table contains a Maintenance Tab, which provides a bulk record deletion feature. The [Delete] button will delete one record per click. The [Delete Tagged] button will delete all the records in the Table that are tagged. Alternately, you may delete all records prior to a selected Record Sys Id #.


Time-clock entries in the Labor Log appear in the Time-clock entry.




CAUTION: The Delete Tagged or Delete Prior Feature may not be reversed.



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