Processing Technician Paperwork for Field Service Management




Technicians must return daily time/mileage/expense reports and all assigned work orders at the end of each day. Record time worked accurately using hours:minutes and sign the time sheet.


Technicians who are not scheduled in the office on the next business day must fax their own completed work orders and time sheets to the Customer Service Department.


All Customer Service employees must complete a time sheet, with their signature and number of hours claimed, to account for each day of business.  A time sheet must also be completed with number of hours claimed and signature for sick, personal and vacation days as well as holidays.


·Customer Service Representatives process all time sheets and work orders daily.


Managing Time Sheets


1.Match time sheets to work orders.


2.Confirm time and mileage calculations.


3.Confirm On-Call technician indication.


4.Forward all technician time sheets with overtime to Operations Manager for approval.


5.Forward processed time sheets to Payroll.

Closing Work Orders


1.Close each work order using Scheduler


2.Enter accurately all the reported work into the Service Completed field; if the space is inadequate for all technician notes, enter “See W/O”.


Be sure to include all the pertinent information in Scheduler for future reference.



3.Calculate the total shift time using the CalcTime program.


4.Use red ink when closing work orders so any information you write is clearly visible.


5.Write the elapsed time for the first shift in the first Shift Time field. Use the format hours:minutes (1:30).


·If no other shifts exist, write the shift time in the Total Time field. Use the format hours:minutes (1:30).


·If other shift times exist, write the additional Shift time (s) in the proper field (s). Use the format hours:minutes (1:30).


·Write additional technician shifts in the proper fields. Use the format hours:minutes (1:30).


·Write the total elapsed time spent on all shifts on the work order in the Total Time field. Use the format hours:minutes (1:30).


Do not enter the time worked with a decimal; actual time worked must be entered as hours and minutes.


6.Round the work time to be billed to the nearest 15-minute increment and enter it as a percent of an hour; examples: 1:35 = 1 hour 35 minutes which should be rounded to the next quarter hour or 1.75.


Time to be billed is always rounded to the nearest quarter hour.


Write the total labor time in the right margin of the work order next to the Total Shift time and circle it. Enter into Scheduler as the total labor hours to be billed.


7.Date and initial all work orders and forward to Finance.


Do not mark closed orders “ready to bill”


Marking work orders “Ready To Bill” is part of the preliminary billing process of the Finance Department completely separate from the CSD responsibilities and should never be included in closing process.

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