Signing-out Material

1.Enter each Recipient into the CUSTOMER table.
2.Write an SO for the SIGN-OUT record.



3.Save the SO with the appropriate items. All items must be listed.
4.Select the MATERIAL SIGN-OUT form from the master print menu.


5.Be sure to select the PREVIEW option to verify the appropriate SO is selected. [See the following image as a SAMPLE.]



6.Enter 2 for the quantity of copies.

7.Select the PRINT option and print to the appropriate printer.


8.The Consignor and the Recipient should sign both copies. One copy must remain with the Consignor and one should be given to the Recipient.
9.If the material is returned the Consignor should sign the material back-into-stock. If the material is left anywhere else, the Recipient must have the new Recipient sign for the material.



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