Spell Check

SWORD has a new Spell Check feature, which can be used on any entry field, on any window.


The Microsoft Windows default Spell check key is the F7 key. To spell check a SWORD field simply mouse-click in the field to place the cursor and press the F7 key. The feature uses a single server based dictionary, which allows all users to dynamically add words, initials and acronyms as they spell check.


The spell check is only performed on the active field and one field per F7 so time is not wasted on checking unnecessary fields. Therefore, if you wish to spell check the ‘Work Requested’ field and the ‘Work Completed’ field in an SO, you must click into the ‘Work Requested’ field and press the F7 key and after completing the spell check in the ‘Work Requested’ field then repeat the steps in the ‘Work Completed’ field.

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