User View Levels for Service Orders

SWORD View Levels & Status Fields


The SWORD database file contains a numeric field called [View Level] in each record and is related to the "Status" of an Order.  The [View Level] is used to filter the display for each user and to show the progress of a Service Order in the database.  You can use up to 100 different [View Levels] in SWORD. The following Table shows the default SWORD [View Levels] and should not be modified:


Numeric Value & View Level        Purpose & Description        

0-9                Service Orders entered and work is in-progress.        

10                Service Orders assigned to Help Desk        

11                Service Orders that require parts        

20-29                Sales Quotations        

50                Work has been performed        

60                Service Order completed and paperwork returned        

70                Service Order Ready to Bill pending final audit        

80                Service Order has been Invoice & Posted        

90                Archive & Transfer To Customer History or Log File        

99                Delete or Purge from Database        


View Levels are associated with Order Status. The images below shows a Service Order with a STATUS of On Hold Parts and the View Status/Level of 11.





The following Table shows Service Order Status File and the corresponding View Level /[Archive Flag]:




SWORD allows an unlimited number of STATUS definitions. Therefore, one or more STATUS entries can be assigned the same View Level/Archive Flag.




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