Zip Code Lookup Table

Zip Code Lookup fields and tables may be accessed from the Customer Master and Edit windows.








1.Click in the Bill to or Ship Zip Code field; if the Zip Code Field is Blank then the Zip Code Look-up table will open.
2.Enter the 1st digit of the Zip Code (i.e. #9) and scroll through the table to locate the appropriate Zip Code, or;
3.Alternately, you may CLOSE the Zip Code Look-up table window using the [CLOSE button] and enter the appropriate Zip Code into the Customer Zip Code field, and then click on the [Zip button].
4.Once a Zip Code match is located click on the [Select button] in the Zip Code table, which will auto-populate the City and State information.
5.Zip codes, City Names, States and Area Codes may be accessed and edited directly in the Zip Code Look-up table.



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