Customer Service Phone Calls for Field Service Management



ACD Log-in and Call Processing


Log into the ACD at the beginning of your shift and log out of the ACD at the end of your shift.


Answer incoming ACD calls that ring at your desk.


The ACD group will display on the LCD when the call is sent, indicating from which of the hunt groups the call originated.


Tech Check-in


Answer incoming calls with “This is [Your Name], how may I help you?”


Select the ACD “Unavailable” option when you step away from your desk or are given a specific task that interferes with your taking calls in rotation.


Any “Unavailable” time over 5 minutes must be approved by your direct supervisor.


Use the Call Park feature for any calls that require connection to another person or department. When possible, call the designated person directly to indicate that a call is holding. If the person does not answer, use the Paging system to announce the caller and line.


In consideration of others working in the service area, please refrain from communicating across cubicle walls or through open office doors. Always use the phone/paging system.


Offer to assist the callers whose parked calls are not picked up by the designated person and/or offer the caller a voice mail option.


If customers call to speak with a technician, explain that the technician is on a service call and ask how you can help.


Never transfer customer calls to technicians’ voice mail boxes. All calls must be routed on the appropriate work order.


Enter work order for the customer prior to ending the call, and give the customer the order confirmation number. Assign the work order to “Need to Schedule” or to the appropriate technician for the job.


Add any applicable dispatcher notes required for the order.


Sales Calls


Enter Sales Lead information in the internet form and submit. All sales leads will be entered into our sales database and assigned to a staff member.

Service Calls


Check the account in Scheduler to ensure no other similar orders exist to prevent entering duplicate orders.
Enter Add or Service orders for the customer and provide estimated service completion goal or service arrival time.

Technician Check-in


Log the technician In or Out time on the work order in scheduler. Add appropriate dispatcher notes as needed.
For multiple technicians, check the main technician In or Out in the work order, and check the additional technician(s) In or Out in dispatcher comments.
When technicians check Out of a stop, ask if the job is complete, verify the check-out time and find out if any additional work orders are needed. If so, write the work order with the technician on the phone and provide the order confirmation number prior to ending the call.
For multiple work orders at the same site, ask the technician the starting and ending time of each work order.
Check the route periodically to make sure technicians have reported to the office in a timely manner.
Contact any technician who has taken longer than an hour on a routine service call to determine the ETA of completion. Please inform the vice president or general manager via email when this happens.)

Operator Calls

Callers are sent to this ACD group by dialing 0. Determine the best way to handle the caller and process according to the methods described above.

Service Dispatching and Monitoring Technical Staff


·Check technicians in and out on the work order in scheduler. Ask the technician what time you should enter.


All technicians including the Help Desk are required to report to the CSD at the time of beginning and the time of completion for each assigned job.


·Ask how the job went and if any follow-up orders and dispatcher comments should be entered.


·Enter follow-up work orders immediately and give the reference numbers to the technician.


A follow-up work order must be entered at the time requested while the technician is on the phone so the follow-up number can be included in the work complete field.

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