Expense Tracking and Reporting

From the Browse > Expense Reports.


The Expense Reports module includes a browse table, window editor and several reporting options.



Employee ID: Use the optional lookup button to select from a list.

Work Day: Enter the work day or the day the expenses are paid.

Expense Item: Select from the Expense Items list.

Quantity and Units: Enter an appropriate quantity; the Units is brought in with Expense Item.

Amount and Amount on File: The Amount is the actual amount paid and the "Amount on File" is the budget amount or the last amount recorded with the expense item.

Extended Amount = Quantity x Amount

[ ] Disapproved checkbox: The Extended Amount automatically becomes the Approved Amount unless the [x] Disapproved is checked.

Approved Amount: To approve an amount that is different from the Extended Amount, check [x] Disapproved box and enter an alternate amount that is approved.

SO#: Use the SO lookup button to select from the Active Service Orders file.

Project Id: The Project Id is brought in from the SO selected

Customer #: The Customer # is brought in form the SO selected.


[To Excel] copy the contents of the browse table to an Excel spreadsheet.

[Report] print one or more Expense Reports based upon the Employee ID and a user-defined data range.

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