Planned for SWORD: Service Management Software

Microsoft Office Integration

Leverage control of Microsoft Office from inside SWORD, including data exchange with:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint (work in progress)

Read / Write to the Address Book
Add / Edit Tasks in MS Outlook
Generate read-only, or fully editable Word documents from your existing SWORD reports.
Generate fully editable Excel spreadsheets from your existing SWORD reports.
Send email straight to your MS Outlook "Outbox"


Plus, coming soon ...

New Mail Merge with extended functionality. Extends the existing Mail Merge and exposes additional functionality and options, provides access to both the source and destination documents etc.
Custom Template based "Mail Merge". Provides rapid and simple mail merge style document creation without using Word's Mail Merge facility.
New Spell Checking objects and templates, for faster, more reliable and more powerful spell checking.
Excel Import and Export wizards and control templates for rapidly creating user interaction import/export interfaces for all formats supported by Excel.
Query style access to Outlook data, allows database style access to Outlook data, synchronisation, location of specific items by their field values and more.

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