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The following enhancements, fixes and/or features have been added to the current version.

11/16/2014 v6.1.2

Enhanced Drag & Drop Calenders
Enhanced the Project/Service Order Template (prints material & labor)
Updated Multiple-user Security Module
Updated the Report Builder
Enhanced the Service Order Template (prints material & labor)

7/21/2014 v6.0.11 (Beta)

Enhanced Copy Order module
Enhanced Request By Form
Enhanced a Inventory/items Form
Enhanced Inventory/items look-up table

6/1/2014 v6.0.1 (Beta)

Added new Browse Table Controls.
Added an Edit Window Field Name feature so the end-user can change the field names on Windows to provide support for multiple languages.
Added a User-Definable Help System to provide support for multiple languages.
Expanded Order Work Request and Work Completed fields (from 1000 characters to 5000 characters)
Added Copy Order feature for Job Setup and Re-orders.
Updated the Report Manager (DLL change)
Updated the File Manager (DLL change)
Changed INI file locations to improve compatibility with Windows 8.1.


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