What's New in the SWORD IP Client

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The following enhancements, fixes and/or features have been added to the current version.


XX.XX.XXX < What do the version numbers mean?


9/21/2014 v5.40.1

Updated the User-defined Help module (DLL change)
Added Reserved CPE Power Source Table to the Edit Menu

7/06/2014 v5.38.3

Updated the Dynamic Message module
Updated the User-defined Help module (DLL change)

5/14/2014 v5.35.1

Updated the User Security Module
Updated the User-defined Help module (DLL change)

4/19/2014 v5.33.7

Added support for MAV Direct ODBC (+DLL)
Update Print to Excel (DLL Change)


3/17/2014 v5.30.8

Corrected Procedure Call for Browse Table Tags due to changes in the Windows manifest.


12/07/2013 v5.20.1

Updated the Report Engine for compatibility with Windows Virtual Machines. (SWORD5Server DLL change)



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