Version 4 and Release History

Version 4.17 12/14/2010


Added a Customer Order table, which is external to the Customer Edit window. The [Orders] button appears on the Customer Master table.
The Orders Table has been removed from the Customer Edit form and window, which improves performance and ease of use.


oA) The Customer Order Comments, which appears in the Order form and window, was moved to the {2) Memorized Settings} tab.
oB) The {2) Active Orders} tab has been removed.
The ITEMS table has been updated and includes a more robust search feature replacing the Fuzzy Search/Query process.


oA) Added a new [Search] button, which opens a search criteria window and allows for multiple strings of information to be search simultaneously across all of the fields in the ITEMS table.
oB) If one or more matches are found, then a user can elect to view only the [X] tagged records.
oC) Records may be tagged or untagged 1 per record clicked or a all records.
oD) The [Print List] button will print the ITEMS table records that are in view.


Version 4.15 11/1/2010


Construct Email Procedure Created for sending Order Summary and CRM Followup notes: (creates email for default email client installed on a local pc)
oService Orders
Send Active SO from the Scheduler, or;
Browse Customer +Orders Table, or;
Customer Master Update > Active Orders TAB
oCRM Activities / Histories
Customer Master Update > CRM Activities TAB, or;
Browse > CRM All Table, or
Browse > CRM By Rep/Id and Followup
Customer Master Browse Table setup to Maximize and Resize
Send to Skype Updated to Conform with Skype v4.0+

Version 4.14.6 10/1/2010

Customer Master Record Enhancements


oCity, State and Zip codes may be saved to any line
Using the City, State and Zip code fields is optional
Adding a Sales Tax district is optional
oAdded County field
oAdded Country field
oAdded Time Zone field
Editable Lookup Table Enhancements


oAdded Lookup Table for Country Names
oAdded Lookup Table for County Names
oAdded Lookup Table Phone Area Codes
oAdded Lookup Table Shipping Carriers
oAdded Lookup Table Shipping Zones
oAdded Lookup TableTime Zones


 City, State & Zip Table enhanced to include Area Code, County, Country, Time Zone and Shipping Zone




Export to QuickBooks IIF Feature Set Enhancements




oAdded an Export to IIF Log
oSimplified the process to "Ready Tagged SOs"


Version 4.10.67 09/1/2010

Contacts Enhanced
oAdded 8 User Defined Fields to the Contacts Table
6 Alpha-numeric Field Labels and Data fields
2 Date Fields


oContact UDF Labels & Data may be saved as default values in the Company File


Customer Browse Window
oZip Code Lookup fields and tables have been added to the Customer Master and Edit windows.


Service Order Material Edit Window


oService Orders that are discounted at the ITEM level may be discounted by a percentage or an amount.
SO Schedule Window


oThe Schedule window layout has been redesigned for simplicity and made resizable.

Version 4.9.12 08/17/2010

Tweaks have been made to the Report Builder to improve performance under Vista and Windows 7.
Logo path fields have been updated in the standard documents and reports shipped with SWORD.
IMPEX for SWORD now includes the capability to import CONTACTS from CSV and EXCEL type files.

Version 4.8.1 07/14/2010


The file size of the SWORD.exe was reduced by splitting the application into functional DLLs for improved performance in a client workstation.
Coming soon in SWORD 5, an IP Client/Server Configuration will replace the existing integrated file manager: For SWORD v5 the File Manager will be split from the SWORD executable client, which will eliminate the SWORD database files from loading across a LAN. This change will increase performance and minimize the chance of file errors because the data will always be handled inside the File Server instead of the workstation computer.


Version 4.7.18 06/14/2010

Corrected Order Status Lookup to respect over-ride of Order Sequence #;
Corrected Export to XML tagging;
Fixed Update Service Order window to properly resize on 16:9 monitors;
Simplified Update Service Order window: Bill of Material TAB;
Fixed Update Master Customer window to properly resize on 16:9 monitors;
Added Labor Log Maintenance Table, which permits record deletion by tagging and/or by prior to a specific SO#;
Updated Audit Orders for Billing Table to include:
Show Completed Orders button control;
Tag All in Table View button control;
Corrected Table refresh when Orders are marked "ready to post," "archive," or "transfer to logs."
Report Builder: Corrected path to Company Logo inside default Reports and Documents;
Added link to Online Help files (


Version 4.5 05/15/2010

This release is a FREE upgrade for licensed users of SWORD: Field Service Management Software and available for immediate download. In this release:

1.Corrected memory thread for Customer lookup when multiple SO windows are opened.
2.Corrected sales tax calculation when a non-taxable customer is selected.
3.Improved the SO Material editor window to include taxable, non-taxable and discount amounts.
4.(Beta feature) Added new Invoice creation module separate from Service Orders module so Invoices are not comingled with Service Orders. Optionally SO’s may be used to create Invoices by the click of a button.


Version 4.4 02/10/2010

1.Tweaks to the File Manager for Windows 7.
2.Fixes to the User Security.
3.Restored User ID on Login window.
4.Fixed Browse Filter on Browse SOs by View Level
5.Redesign ITEM lookup table when called from Add Material to SO.


Version 4.3 11/23/2009

1.The material.tps file is upgraded, which makes SWORD compatible with the new format of the CSP 7 Material.tps file. (This will allow the Import of CSP Proposal Data to the CPE table in SWORD.)
2.Corrects the position of the DELETE button on the Time-clock log.
3.Improves the User Security module and provides Central Control of all screen security (Ctrl/F8).
4.Adds Contact browse table to the Customer Master Table.
5.Makes Email addresses hyper-actively linked to client's default email program.
6.Improves the Spell Check engine.
7.Provides more export to Excel options for Customers and items tables.


Version 4.1 4/10/2009

1.Added Global Tag File for preparing SOs for accounting/transfer to QB, which allows the TAGS to be saved if the Billing process is temporarily interrupted or suspended by the user. See Prep Tagged Orders.
2.Added [Print Table in View] button in the Browse Orders - Admin View table.
Print Table in View

User Tip: Use the Print Table in View [button] as a scratch pad for orders that you are getting ready to bill or post to accounting.

3.Added additional security levels for Time Clock entries.
4.Corrected bug reported on the Scheduler Drag and Drop Monthly Calendar.
5.Redesigned SO Bill of Material and Labor Tab consolidates pricing, discount and payment options.
Bill of Material Tab

The BOM Tab consolidates many calculations, discounts and payment options.

Version 4.0 1/26/2009


3)By popular request, a new "On Credit Hold" check box has been added to the Customer browse tables and the Customer Master Record.
4)Advanced Search, Query, Tag and Report options have been added to the following modules:
b)The CPE files.
c)The Time Clock (Labor Log) files
5)An Expense Tracking and Reporting module has been added.
a)Optionally copy the expense log table to Excel.
6)Many windows, routines and processes have been redesigned for easier use and more efficiency.
a)21 new standard reports and label sheets have been added.


You can do all of your billing inside SWORD or optionally Orders generated in SWORD™ can be easily transfered into Quickbooks® as Invoices.


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